Stephan Woo Cude
Cellars Wine Club

E-Commerce Manager - Cellars Wine Club

April 2015 - Aug 2015

Major Accomplishments

Website Manager

All troubleshooting and development. Set up products, subscriptions, and promotions. Tracking for Google, Bing, Facebook, and affiliates. MailChimp integration. Customize transaction based emails. Added email sign-up, link to Google Reviews, blog posts, copy, and images.

Online Marketing Manager

SEO Optimization. Google Link Penalty removal. New Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp paid campaigns. Revitalize affiliate marketing program while reducing costs. Product feeds to Google Shopping and affiliates. New email marketing program. Social Marketing. Responsible for all creative and copy.

Website Design / Development

Design and develop sister company website (Wordpress). Design new Wine Club site (AbleCommerce).


Cellars Wine Club

Sumerian Brewing Company

New AbleCommerce Wine Club Site - (in Development)