Stephan Woo Cude
Sierra Trading Post

SEO Specialist

2007 to November 2012

Major Accomplishments

Organic Search

Entrusted to learn all about SEO. Work with web development, copy writers, and rest of web marketing team to increase ranking and conversion with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

SEO Specs for New Website

Define URL, meta data, and on-page SEO requirements including specifications for new development. Responsible for testing new SEO development.

SEO Analytics

Proficient with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools. Also proficient with other tools including BrightEdge and SEOmoz rank tools.

Paid Search

Fully trained in Google and Yahoo paid search interfaces. Audit paid search campaign. Ran 2 week test to prove additional resources in paid search would be cost effective.

E-Commerce Website Manager

2002 to 2007

Major Accomplishments

New Website Versions

Led internal web design team on website revisions. Coordinated between the web department, programmers, marketing department, customer service, IT, the buying department, and administration to ensure all demands were understood and met.

In-House Development

Wrote specifications for new website features and enhancements. Worked closely with in house design team, internal programmers and external programming company.

Email Marketing

Integration of new email servers, email list growth, email list management, email targeting, segmentation, and deliverability.

Web Department Manager

Managed designers, marketing, and web operations, Photoshop specialists. Responsible for new hiring within the department. Managed up to 15 people.

Customer Service Integration

Helped develop protocol and train customer service representatives to handle web related customer issues. Met with customer service department weekly.

3rd Party Payment Services

Oversaw implementation of Google Checkout, PayPal, and Bill Me Later. Ensured all requirements specified and met.

Lead Tester

Tested majority of new development.

Website Designer / Manager / Marketing

1998 to 2002

Major Accomplishments

Web Design

Designed first website including homepage, department pages, product pages, and checkout.

Backend Integration

Worked closely with programming company to integrate backend legacy systems including product information, inventory controls, customer registration, and order processing.

Email Marketing

Developed new email marketing program which would eventually grow to over one million opt-in email addresses. Involved with list generation, name removal, and customer categorization for email targeting.

Web Marketing

Responsible for early web marketing including merchandising and creating web ads. Later used internal ad serving software for customer targeting.

Customer Service

Started first email customer service correspondence which eventually led to a 24 hour chat, email customer service regiment.