Stephan Woo Cude

SEO Project Manager - Nordstrom

November 2012 to April 2015

Major Accomplishments

On Page Optimization

Evangelize SEO to promote on-page SEO best practices. Meet regularly with marketing strategy, copy writers, content producers, and social marketing. Work with cosmetics and shoes on keyword research, department naming, new department suggestions, content creation, and ongoing page improvements.

SEO Development

Develop new ideas to improve overall SEO site performance. Submitting specs though JIRA to be used with Agile based development strategy. Filter Based SEO: increase number of pages in Google index using dynamically built pages and meta-data. New Footer: include editable SEO links to increase internal link profile of key departments. Add reviews to category and brand pages. All content must be readable. SEO specs for new content management system and new navigation management system. Competitive analysis.